How are brands navigating through COVID-19 in SA?

Hi everyone, listen to this week’s podcast talking to Monique Claassen; Client Service Director about Kantar’s research on the changing consumer behaviors and the impact of media channels.

Some key take-outs from this talk:

Brands have an important role to play during this crisis. They would have to adapt quickly and monitor what’s going on the ground.

Brand’s who are getting right so far:

  • DSTV opening up free channel for viewers
  • Howler sending out empathetic emailers understanding the state of the industry
  • Google and Zoom promoting working from home apps which are free
  • Brands are being very responsible – promoting digital banking, mobile, educational tips, payment holidays

Brands who need to play a bigger Role right now

  • Insurance brands have been very quiet
  • SME insurance does have insurance to cover them during this pandemic
  • They need to reassure people
  • Health Sector – Need to have a bigger VOICE

However brands need to be sensitive about they communicate. Remain Authentic:Stick to your brand purpose and values.

What are some of the Media Channels which will stay relevant right now?

  • Local radio stations
  • TV viewership increasing globally and in SA
  • Increase in podcast and streaming
  • Massive change in e-sports. Global subscriptions have increased.
  • Mobile gaming in SA have increased by 23% in the last 3 weeks

Some Recommendations

  • Don’t put all your investment on digital channels
  • Digital comms need to be matched to relevant content
  • Ensure that frequency capping is in place across all digital platforms
  • Don’t disregard outdoor placements completely. Choose carefully. It’s not going to be zero.
  • Apply the principles of how brands make it through times of difficulty.
  • Focus on brand experience

3 key take-outs

  1. Make sure your comms is targeted and relevant
  2. Think through the role of the channel within your media mix. Don’t disregard touchpoints. Consider all and choose carefully.
  3. Creative agencies should come up with solutions that are more creative. Use this time as an opportunity to test and do this differently.

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